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Who is the Masked Crafter?

Who is the Masked Crafter?

I am a thrift store going, Dremel wielding, fabric hoarding, Pyrex collector with an undying love for making something out of nothing. After working for a craft store for over 6 years I am ready to share the knowledge I’ve picked up along the way. Anything from what’s the difference between tapestry and embroidery needles to why you shouldn’t use spray paint on styrofoam.

No one is perfect and I’m not saying I’m the best at what I do. I’ve made plenty of mistakes and I will continue to make them. The point of this website is to make sure you don’t make the same ones I did. I to once used regular pliers to make a loop on a head pin. When I couldn’t figure out why my earrings never dangled right I bought a book and discovered round nose pliers.  I studied this book and messed up project after project until I finally got it right. It was the best purchase I ever made. This book gave me a feeling of accomplishment that I now have to feed daily. There is no better feeling in the world to me then getting to say “I made that”. That’s the feeling I want to share with you.

I know crafting can be a scary and in some situations a costly adventure but getting to say those three words at the end of the day will be payment enough. Now let me stress something here. I think people should craft because it’s fun, brain stimulating and in my case green. I encourage people to craft for the betterment of the planet and less for profit. I mean why buy wall decor from a department store when for a fraction of the cost, a little imagination and some spray paint you can turn a thrift store find into a one of a kind eye catcher.

I will be posting 2 types of videos “The Basics” & “Projects”. The basics will be short and sweet. The reason for this is because I hate sitting through a 10 minute tutorial when all I need is one little bit of information. You can expect to see videos on scissor, needle and glue selection. This section will also contain reviews of products I love and loathe. Now as for the projects I am going to post most of them will focus on recycling. You’ll be surprised with what you can create out of things most people throw away.

Prepare yourself,

The Masked Crafter

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