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February 18, 2011

UN-DU sticker, tape and label remover is one of those products that I can’t even believe exists sometimes.

We used to sell it at the craft store I work for. It sold really well and there where half used bottles of it all over the store because everyone loved it so much. We deleted this product about 3 years ago and I have no idea why. It’s not carried in any of the major craft stores that I know of so if you want this baby your gonna have to buy it online and believe me if you do it’s well worth the money.

What it does:

Ever put down a sticker and almost immediately regretted it. Just put a little bit of UN-DU on top, let it dry (which only takes seconds) and the sticker will come right off and get this…… It will even be stickier then when you first put it down. How? you ask. I have no idea but it’s really cool.

Why it’s great:

1) Acid Free and photo safe.

2) Great for home and office.

3) One bottle lasts forever once you realize not that much solution is really needed. The solution is really thin. Like water almost so it just flows out of the bottle. It takes some getting used to.

4) This may sound silly but it’s fun to watch it work. The fact that the solution disappears so fast and doesn’t harm, wrinkle or discolor your project is really cool. Almost like a magic trick.


Prices start at about $7 plus shipping but boy is worth it.

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