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February 18, 2011

E-6000 has ruined me for all other glues. I’m hooked and nothing can tear us apart.

That being said it is not perfect. So here are the Pros and Cons:


1) It is the strongest glue on the market. Seriously no other glue can compare.

2) Easy clean up. If you get it on your hands, just rub them together and it will come right off. If you get it on a table top do the same thing. If it’s a dried up little puddle just grab some pliers and with a little muscle it will come right up.

3) It works on almost everything including glass, metal, wood and plastic.

4) Waterproof

5) Clear

6) Flexible


1) Very messy. It tends to ooze from the bottle with just a little bit of pressure.

2) It’s thick and takes time to get used to. (that’s what she said)

3) I wouldn’t recommend it for use on children’s projects because of its strong smell.

4) It needs 24 hours before it’s completely dry. It will feel like it’s dry in 30 minutes but you have to give it time.

5) Pretty Expensive but a well taken care of bottle will last a long time.

6) Not made for paper. Don’t even try. It’s to thick.


1) Put the glue on a plate and use a toothpick to apply it. Try not to have a fan on or be next to a air conditioner vent. This will make it goopy on top like pudding.

2) The glue tends to ooze from the sides when your gluing 2 things together but if you wait for it to dry your can just pull of the excess with tweezers.

3) The glue works best on a porous surface. For best results give the item your gluing and were your gluing a little sand and your bond will be pretty much permanent.

4) Try and keep your glue in a drawer. It it’s exposed to to much cold the bottle will go bad. even if the bottle is closed.

5) Always wipe off your bottle after every use. That or just try and be quick about closing it. The glue is so strong it will seal your bottle shut. If it does get a little hard to open just use some pliers.

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