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Craft Adhesives

February 16, 2011

Crafters use some sort of glue for almost every project but lets face it some glues just aren’t worth their hefty price tags and most don’t stay on the market very long.  I could go though and name off every glue that’s out there but instead I’m going to focus on what I feel are the best amd worst glues on the market. Starting off with my favorite. The all mighty E-6000!

E-6000 – I use E-6000 for pretty much everything. I haven’t gone without a bottle in my house since I was introduced to it over five years ago. All of my jewelry is made with this glue and my mom uses it when she makes her mosaics. Between the two of us I can honestly say we’ve used over a 100 bottles in our crafting career. Works on wood, metal, plastic and ceramic. I featured E-6000 in my Workers section. Click here for more information.

G-S Hypo Cement – Is another one of my favorite glues with the best applicator I’ve ever seen. Perfect for fine work like setting rhinestones.

Elmer’s School Glue – You can’t go wrong with plain old elmer’s school glue it has so many uses. Add it to grout to make it stronger or water it down and use it to make paper mache but please stick to the elmer’s brand. I’ve tried cheaper versions and it’s just not the same.

Aleene’s Tacky Glue – I like to think of tacky glue as just a step up from school glue. I’d use it on things like felt and cardboard.

Now on to some of the other glues on the market that I just wasn’t very happy with.

Gorilla Glue – It foams up and if you read the instructions it tells you it works best if you use a vice. Maybe I would use this for large wood work but in my book I just don’t think it’s crafter friendly.

The Amazing Goop – It works as Shoe Goo and that’s about it. I would expect more from the people that make E-6000.

Aleene’s Fusion – Probably the worst glue I’ve ever used. Everything I used it on fell right apart with the pressure test I perform on my jewelry. Another thing that really bothered me about this glue is a pretty famous crafter was in a promotional add for this glue and I totally bought it thinking it had to be good. Now I think she didn’t even try it and just took the money and ran, tsk tsk.

The Glue Gun – Works great for floral and feather projects but other then that it’s the worst. The thing that bothers me the most is watching craft shows and seeing them decorating a jewelry box or a frame with a glue gun. I have been known to yell at the screen and say “Your shit is gonna fall apart dumbass!!!” Ok if you just want to glue something together for the time being or don’t care about the quality of the things you are selling or hanging on your walls go crazy.

Super Glue – Now let’s be honest you guys. Have you ever used any form of super glue and it actually worked? You know what I lied it’s great for gluing my fingers together.

Expect a blog on scrapbooking adhesives in the near future and if there is a glue you’d like me to review or you think I left something off this list let me know in the comments below.

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